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CPAP Corner Update

Posted by Richard Spafford on

Hello Everyone,

I just would like to thank everyone who converted over to us to as their CPAP Supplier. If you haven't registered for, I would suggest doing so as we will be having monthly give aways and we want the discussions to open up to help people remain compliant and get them involved in their CPAP health. As of now, there are only 15 people and the chances of winning a brand new AirMini (valued at $1200) is 1 in 15 on June 1! The only reason we have been successful is because of you guys. I am humbled by all of you that have went to their doctors and health professionals in demanding that Footit be your provider and the positive feedback you have given about us. I remember two years ago when we were lucky to have 1 setup a month!It's because of you, it's spread like wild fire!  Thank you! This past week my wife and I went to North Carolina to Pinehurst. We were invited by KnitRite to tour their plant and spend time with the owners and staff. It was a great time for both business and pleasure. Before we left, I packed up my CPAP. I said to myself, I'm going to make sure I am compliant! I tell my patients all the time, make sure you bring your equipment everywhere! No EXCUSES!!!!! Well, I didn't use my CPAP one while there for 4 days. I didn't have distilled water, I was too tired, I didn't feel like pulling it out of the case, we were on vacation, etc... I'm full of bad excuses. I felt off not using it. Fatigue, brain fog, irritable, and anxious. I felt it. The last two nights I have had panic attacks in the middle of the night where I'm pacing the house back in forth. I'm off! Last night was better, I slept 7:30 hours with an AHI of 1.2. I felt good this morning. I'm just like anyone else but the moral of the story is to, Never Give Up! My sleep study showed that my O2 levels went to 82% six years ago. How many brain cells do you think are destroyed at 82%, how much stress on the heart, how much stress on all my other organs, and my anxiety levels?!! When you're thinking of giving up, I want you to think of your health and your family. That should motivate you! Thank you again everyone. I feel so blessed to have met and have setup so many of you. I am always available if you guys need to contact me. Never Give Up! 

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