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Purchasing a Harmar Stairlift and Some Tips To Help You

Posted by Richard Spafford on

Helpful Harmar Tips to Consider in Your

Stair Lift Purchasing Decision.

Consumers are often overwhelmed when they are considering a stair lift. In many cases, they are dealing with a new health issue and facing many other major decisions. Making changes to their home can be stressful as their physical limitations become a factor in their independence. Whatever the circumstance of someone’s mobility challenge, making alterations to their environment may open new doors to access their whole home. We encourage you to share with others who may be considering a stair lift purchase.

Big Value Comes in Compact Packages?
Rail Profile-Every brand differs in the design of the stair lift. Some are more vertically oriented and save space at the cost of extending upward 8” – 17” above the step. Others have a lower profile, but extend farther from the wall. Harmar’s Pinnacle rail is the best of both worlds and sits just 3.5” high and 5.5” high.

Inches from Wall-Code requires 20” of clearance from a folded stair lift to the wall it faces so others can pass by. Harmar has the most compact stair lift at 10.5” folded width and mounts as close as 1⁄2” from the wall. It fits in narrower staircases while meeting code and gives you even more room and the feeling of a wider staircase.

Weight Your Options Carefully
Many stairlifts on the market have 265 lbs to 300 lbs. capacity. And while that is enough for some...the user needs to consider the following: Are you carrying a box or a pet? Is it possible you will gain weight? Is it possible someone else may need to use the lift? Do you want extra peace of mind as to the lifts extra capacity? In many cases, lighter weight lifts just are not enough. Harmar’s SL600 & SL600HD boast 350 lb - 600 lb weight capacity – 15% - 100% more than most competitors.

Maintain Your Sanity
Many stair lifts on the market require annual track lubrication which can be quite messy. Most people that need a stair lift probably cannot perform the maintenance tasks of lubricating the gear rack. Can they really get on their hands and knees with an applicator and a lithium grease tube? And who wants that mess on their stairs when it can get onto pets, clothes, wood or carpet? Harmar’s Pinnacle is the only stair lift that does not require lubrication due to it’s nylon polymer gear rack and worm gear. No mess, no fuss, no expensive service contracts.

Understanding The Total Cost
The pricing for a stair lifts in the marketplace vary. Make sure to take into account all factors when comparing pricing. Ask what the energy cost is and how many cycles the stair lift will provide if the power goes out. Don’t forget about practicalities like maintenance too. All of this should factor into making your decision. A Pinnacle saves 66% more the energy cost than other stair lifts and offers 40-60 cycles if the power goes out. It may be a couple hundred more upfront, but if it’s a better lift and has a lower cost of ownership, that peace of mind is worth the extra expense.

Who? What? Where?

Your local dealers can run the gamut from being a stair lift specialist to a full range HME/DME dealer. Some companies are locally owned/ operated and others are part of a national organization. At the end of the day, you need to evaluate price, service, relationship and your overall needs to select the dealer who is right for you. Make sure whomever you buy from are factory trained and certified to perform an installation, have a solid reputation or referral and have parts on hand in case you need service.

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  • Thanks for mentioning that consumers can feel overwhelmed when considering a stairlift. My wife and I are thinking about putting a lift in her mother’s house because she is getting older and has a difficult time walking up the stairs nowadays. I think it’s a good investment to hire a reputable company that can help us weigh out our options to which one would work best and help us install it if we decide to get one.

    Jesse Ford on

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