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Smallest CPAP Machine in the World ResMed AirMini

Posted by Richard Spafford on

If you travel, camp, drive a truck, etc.. and wear CPAP, you know it can be a hassle to carry around your equipment. Some people including myself don't even bother and bring our equipment. That is a health problem in itself.  Very soon this is about to change. ResMed has come out with the AirMini and it's the smallest CPAP machine in the entire World. It's a game changer in the CPAP industry and as a fellow CPAP user, my name is already on our waiting list. ResMed is keeping this top secret and it's about the equivalent in the CPAP World as an iPhone release. What I do know. 

1. The FDA has cleared the machine for production. 

2. It will be released in 2017. I am hoping by summer or early fall. 

3. Insurance will not approve the device for reimbursement. There is no HCPC Code. It is a retail purchase. 

As you guys know the AirFit F20 & N20 releases were unbelievable. We had backorders for months waiting as the demand was so high. I believe ResMed is prepping for the same demand but I would suggest getting on the waiting list as this is the biggest anticipated device that has ever come out in the 6 years I have been using CPAP. Email to be put on our waiting list and called when your AirMini arrives. If you have any questions please call or email me. Sleep Well Everyone!

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  • Do u have any information on how load the Airmini is? I use a resmed S9 autoset and it’s extremely quite. The Z1 is a disaster in the noise department. So loud and whining that we had to return the loaner.

    John on
  • Hello Maria,
    The AirMini By ResMed is coming out later this month. The cost should be in the $800 range. Unfortunately, insurance or medicare won’t cover this. It’s considered a travel unit and not an everyday unit. I’m sorry but we don’t rent travel units. If we can help please call us at 733-CPAP. Thank you.

    Rich Spafford on
  • I not only have apnea , I also have MS.
    I will like to know the price of the new mini cpap….
    If better if there is a rental.
    My insurance is Medicare and Medica
    Please help.
    I need this to travel!
    Thanks. God Bless

    Maria Solares on

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