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Snoring is hazardous to your health and may lead to Sleep Apnea & Hearing Loss

Posted by Richard Spafford on

Snoring is hazardous to your health and may eventually lead to sleep apnea and possibly hearing loss. Our airway requires us to have muscle tone to stay open. When we sleep, our airway relaxes. Snoring and the vibrations surrounding this decreases tone. This is done because the vibrations of snoring injure the airway by damaging nerve endings and blood vessels. Dr. Colin Sullivan who invented the CPAP Machine is a big proponent of children getting their tonsils and adenoids out to prevent further complications in life with Sleep Apnea. It seems that people who still have their tonsils and adenoids are more likely to suffer from snoring and sleep apnea than those who don't.  If you have an overbite or cross bite, taking care of them with an orthodontist  is something to consider. Snoring can also lead to hearing loss. Snoring can be as high as 95 decibels and it’s been shown that long exposure to this damages the delicate hairs in the cochlea that help carry sound to the brain. No snoring is good and even if you haven’t been diagnosed with sleep apnea, eventually you may. Be pro active in your health and it starts with preventive maintenance before major health issues develop. 

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