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Stairlifts & Mobility Products for multiple level home!

Posted by Richard Spafford on

Stairlifts are becoming more and more popular these days. Why shouldn't they? They are allowing people to stay in their multi-level homes, remain independent and safe when combatting stairs along with other obstacles. More and more organizations are getting onboard with this idea and helping cover the cost of stairlifts and mobility products. They are realizing that a small investment is far cheaper than the costs associated with assisted living and nursing homes. I believe in the next few years you will see Medicare and many insurances add mobility products such as stairlifts and handicap ramps to their covered item schedules. The small investment in these types of items outweighs the costs of going to an assisted living or nursing home. Most of our patients and customers have been in their homes for 50 years plus! Not only are you dealing with the physical limitations that can exist in a home but the psychological stress, depression, and anxiety that you can face if you have to move out of your home. Footit has been dealing with these very issues since 1953 and we work with people and organizations to find solutions to these very problems. Many people don't know how picky we are in choosing vendors and products. For instance, we could choose almost any stairlift or ramp manufacturer in the world. Many places will go with the cheapest product to increase their profit margins or give a customer the cheapest alternative just to get the sale. This is one of the biggest mistakes we see. More money will be spent over time on repairs, breakdowns, service calls, and at the end of the day you will have to buy another product. We see this time and time again.  We use Bruno, Savaria,EZ Access, & American Access for most of our mobility solutions. The quality, durability, service, and price points are the best in the world. We currently have a customer who uses a Custom Bruno Stairlift that was installed in 1993! It still runs great. We tell our customers, even if you don't choose us as your Mobility Provider, make sure you stick with those brands. We are just as picky on buying back stairlifts and refurbishing them to sell to you at deep discounts. I will not give you a refurbished stairlift that I wouldn't give to my own family member! Our pricing structure is well researched and most of the time we are the lowest quote and if we aren't, let us know! You work hard for your money and every little bit you can save helps. There are many companies out there but the bottom line is, how fast can they service the stairlift if it fails and what will they charge you? Make sure to ask those questions when researching. I'm most proud that Footit has served this community since 1953 & is A+ Rated by the BBB. I am an owner of Footit and I work directly with customers and organizations on the Mobility line here. You will always talk with the decision maker when purchasing your mobility products with us. Please call me at 413-733-7843, ext. 100 if I can be of assistance to you. Thank you.

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