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Dreamstation Go Water Humidifier for the Dreamstation Go - Footit Medical, CPAP, Stairlift, Orthotic, Prosthetic, & Mobility Supply

Dreamstation Go Water Humidifier for the Dreamstation Go

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This is for the humidifier only and not the CPAP Machine!



Our smallest CPAP with the thinnest travel humidifier⁵

At half the size of our trusted System one and DreamStation platforms, the compact DreamStation Go is our smallest, lightest PAP⁵. The DreamStation Go system combines the humidifier and trusted device together in one compact, convenient package that fits easily into your suitcase. The system complies with FAA requirements⁶ so now where your travel takes you, you can take your therapy on the go.

Use any mask you like

When you’ve found a mask you’re comfortable with, the last thing you want to do is be forced to switch your mask while travelling. The DreamStation Go heated humidifier is designed to work with any mask that works for you, so you can enjoy on-the-go heated humidification from the comfort of your own mask.²


Freedom to use tap water³

With the freedom to use tap, bottled or distilled water³, the DreamStation Go heated humidifier reduces the inconvenience of taking along heavy, bulky containers or searching for distilled water when you arrive. That means you can choose to travel light and still enjoy the same comfort of heated humidification that you experience at home.


The same features and connectivity you enjoy at home

Bring all the benefits of your home CPAP along, every time you travel. The powerful DreamStation Go features an intuitive color touchscreen for quick, simple setup and easy navigation, and includes Bluetooth connectivity for tracking and monitoring of your progress across both home and travel CPAPs.


Stay in control with DreamMapper, even on the go

Sleep apnea doesn’t stay behind when you’re away from home. That’s why the DreamStation Go is compatible with our DreamMapper self-management tool. DreamMapper combines your home and travel data in one place so you can see how well your night’s sleep went, how you’re progressing, and track your improvements towards your goals — every day, anywhere you are.

Manages water usage evenly for comfort throughout the night

The DreamStation Go heated humidifier’s water-saving technology adapts to a wide range of ambient conditions to deliver humidification evenly throughout the full night’s sleep.⁴ You can enjoy the same all-night comfort you experience at home, no matter where your travels take you.

Smart humidification. All night long.

DreamStation Go features water-saving technology designed to give you a full night of heated humidification⁴ by actively monitoring ambient conditions and therapy settings and automatically adjusting moisture delivery when humidifier target time is enabled. Also, In the event you underfill or forget to fill the humidifier, our heater plate shutdown feature will take over to prevent dry, uncomfortable air from being delivered to you for the remainder of the night.

Micro-flexible standard 12mm tubing

The DreamStation Go is the only heated humidifier with micro-flexible standard 12mm tubing. The 12mm tubing is Philips smallest and lightest tubing ever offered⁷, providing enhanced packability, flexibility and freedom of movement while you sleep. Fast and easy click connections on each end of the tubing. Features a slim connection to our DreamWear mask, and includes a 22mm ISO adapter for other masks.


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