AKS (TM) Knee Support with Metal Hinges & Straps - Neoprene

AKS (TM) Knee Support with Metal Hinges & Straps - Neoprene - Footit Medical, CPAP, Stairlift, Orthotic, Prosthetic, & Mobility Supply


$79.95 $99.00

Adjustable knee sleeve provides compression and good support with the ability to fit patients of various shapes and proportions

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique design: top and bottom closures with central sleeve allow for easy application and fit of various patient shapes
  • Adjustable patellar buttress: soft horseshoe buttress is repositionable to provide focal compression around the patella
  • Neoprene material: offers better compression
  • Metal hinges & straps: aluminum hinges and nylon straps provide good medial lateral support
  • Migration control: internal Skinloc (TM) pad resistsdownward migration of the knee brace
  • Bilateral design: fits either right or left knee
  • US manufacturing: higher quality control standards