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Case of 10 Boxes X 100 Gloves = 1000 Vinyl Non-Sterile Gloves Powder Free Small Medium Large XLarge

Individual units available for curbside pick and pay over the phone only at 340 Memorial Ave, West Springfield MA 01089.
10 Boxes(100 gloves per box is 1000 gloves) Vinyl & Powder Free
We will only allow 1 case per person unless you are an essential business and you will be limited to 4 cases.  We are now selling bulk cases to the Public as  our supply levels are currently higher in capacity and will limit further if shortages come about. Thank you.
The glove brands are mixed. From OmniTrust, SemperShield, DermAssit
Please choose your size in the drop down menu. You can pick up at the store too. Thank you.