CPAP Pillow BIPAP Sleep Bed with Pillow Cover

CPAP Pillow BIPAP Sleep Bed with Pillow Cover - Footit Medical, CPAP, Stairlift, Orthotic, Prosthetic, & Mobility Supply


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PAP therapies are beneficial in treating Sleep Disordered Breathing. An addition of a CPAP Pillow lessens discomfort as you change positions while sleeping, which allows maximum benefits to rest more comfortably. The AG CPAP Pillow is uniquely made to accommodate your CPAP hose and mask structures, which require specifically designed pillow construction. Ordinary pillows press up against users masks and hoses which intrude on the patient's face, and can cause not only discomfort, but leaks, pressure sores, and distortion of their mask cushion. The AG CPAP Pillow enhances comfort by allowing the user to rest more soundly, without interface and tubing interference, even in the most restless of sleepers. 

-Prevents body stiffness

-Provides neck & Head Support

-Relieves pressure from the mask

-Washable pillow cover included.