ResMed AirFit N20 For Her Nasal Mask Assembly Kit

ResMed AirFit N20 For Her Nasal Mask Assembly Kit


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This is the ResMed N20 without headgear. Frame only. 


ResMed AirFit N20 for Her Nasal Mask Assembly Kit


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The AirFit N20 for Her features all the performance and comfort of the ResMed N20 nasal mask in a user-friendly package designed with female patients in mind. The N20 for Her nasal mask features ResMed’s latest InfinitySeal cushion in a lightweight, compact design that provides an open field of vision. Add in the AirFit N20 for Her’s distinctive lavender color accents and small sizing options and you have a nasal mask that caters to women CPAP consumers.

AirFit N20 for Her Nasal Mask Features:

  • Compact sizing and lavender color accents designed for female patients
  • New InfinitySeal cushion provides secure seal and snug fit for a wide array of patients
  • Compact cushion and flexible frame create open view
  • Padded frame for added stability and comfort
  • Magnetic headgear clips simplify fitting process
  • Quick-release elbow enables fast disconnection
Nasal CPAP Mask for Women

One of the most common misconceptions about sleep apnea is that it primarily affects men. However, the truth is sleep apnea occurs in men and women at similar rates, but women are far less likely to be treated for the condition. Thankfully, this harmful misperception is changing and sleep therapy brands now actively courting female CPAP patients with new designs. ResMed is one of the leaders in this regard, having produced “for Her” versions of several CPAP masks and accessories which feature lavender color options and smaller size ranges. The AirFit N20 for Her continues this trend, offering a more feminine look for ResMed’s latest nasal CPAP mask design.

InfinitySeal Cushion for Adaptable, Secure Fit

The new InfinitySeal cushion headlines the N20 for Her design, replacing ResMed’s long-serving dual-wall Spring Air cushion. The malleable InfinitySeal cushion conforms to the unique contours of an individual face, creating a secure seal that prevents blowout. But the new AirFit N20 cushion doesn’t sacrifice comfort for performance, offering a soft, gentle fit for a wide array of users.

Flexible Frame with Open View

The AirFit N20 for Her utilizes a flexible frame that routes across the cheekbones and under the user’s line of sight. The frame layout and compact cushion dimensions combine to deliver an open field of vision, making the N20 for Her an ideal fit for patients who want to read or watch TV before bed.

The frame is also padded for a soft, comfortable fit. It connects to the headgear assembly via convenient magnetic clips for easy fitting. (The AirFit N20 headgear for Her, with its distinctive lavender/violet color accents, is not included in this mask assembly but can be purchased separately or added to the checkout cart). Another convenient feature on the N20 mask design is its quick-release elbow, which enables quick removal from the CPAP machine tubing. This latter trait comes in quite handy during those nighttime errands that require leaving bed without having to remove the entire mask assembly.

In the Box:

  • AirFit N20 cushion in selected size
  • AirFit N20 frame
  • Quick-release elbow with short hose