TENS Unit Pain Relief System

TENS Unit Pain Relief System

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TENS Unit Pain Relief System


Don’t let iReliev’s compact size fool you, this prescription-strength TENS unit will help relieve pain associated with sore and aching muscles due to strain, from sports or exercise, or normal household and work activities.

Prescription strength without the cost.

Get medical grade, prescription strength relief without having to pay astronomical prices. We understand you need relief, so we set out to create an affordable TENS unit without sacrificing the power. With 8 pre-set treatment programs, 25 levels of intensity, and a portable size, nothing can stop you from getting the relief you deserve.

Enhanced features that set our TENS unit from the rest.


8 Programs

Acute Pain

Helps you deal with varying levels of pain. This is great for slight pain that comes and goes.


Program 8 is specifically designed to help you overcome pain associated with Arthritis.

Chronic Pain

Helps you deal with varying levels of pain. Perfect for more intense pain that is long lasting.

How TENS helps relieve pain.

We get it, this technology may seem complicated, so we wanted to break it down for you so you know exactly what you’re putting on your body. TENS works by releasing subtle electrical impulses that intercept the pain signal from the brain, therefore eliminating the feeling of pain while you use the system. As a practice that has been used for over 30 years, this is a safe way to get reliable relief when you need it the most.

What’s included

  • TENS Device
  • (3) AAA Batteries
  • (2) Lead Wires
  • Belt Clip Holster
  • Tote Bag
  • (4) 2″ x 2″ Electrode Pads


  • (4) 2″ x 2″ Electrode Pads

Output Strength


Screen Size

1.43 inch Screen

Connection Type



5 x 2 x 7 (in)

Therapy Time



0.75 (lbs)

Battery Type



Dual Channel