TheraSport Performance Sock 20-30mmHg

TheraSport Performance Sock 20-30mmHg
TheraSport Performance Sock 20-30mmHg
TheraSport Performance Sock 20-30mmHg

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Perform better and fight fatigue with TheraSport by Therafirm Athletic Performance Socks.


TheraSport by Therafirm Athletic Compression Socks deliver a controlled amount of pressure which is greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases as it comes up the leg. This true gradient compression helps improve circulation which in turn can help provide reduction in muscle fatigue, enhanced performance and faster recovery.

TheraSport by Therafirm Features Include:

  • Super soft material for exceptional comfort
  • 1" comfort band for a non-binding grip that stays up
  • High tech moisture wicking yarns for comfortable coolness
  • Gradient compression improves circulation, support and stabilization
  • Prevents chaffing from achilles rubbing against shoe
  • "Y" stitch heel improves fit and prevents slide
  • Practical cushioning absorbs shock and protects
  • Mesh ventilation for improved coolness and breathability
  • Arch band holds sock in place for a precise fit and provides metatarsal support
  • 100% USA made

15-20mmHg gradient compression garments are designed to help prevent edema, DVT, and leg discomfort, prevent or treat mild varicose veins, and provide relief of heavy, tired, achy legs.*

*CONTRAINDICATIONS: Compression products should not be worn and is contraindicated if you have any of the following conditions: Severe arterial insufficiency, cutaneous infections, acute dermatitis, wet dermatosis, uncontrolled congestive heart failure, skin irritations, allergies to dyes.

**The mean compression for an average ankle size.