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Women's Jeba Sheer Compression Hosiery


Jēba™ Sheer Vibrance Pantyhose are smooth, lightweight and designed for day and evening wear. Experience the benefits of compression therapy without sacrificing style.

All Jeba Compression Socks and Hosiery are available in two different levels of compression, measured in mmHg:

15-20 mmHg: Preventative grade. Provides a moderate level of compression and can improve circulation in the legs while reducing swelling, leg aches, pains and muscle fatigue. Ideal for air travel, pregnancy, prolonged standing, and athletic recovery.

20-30 mmHg: Medical grade. Provides a higher level of compression to help prevent blood clotting and varicose veins. Ideal for those with venous insufficiencies and those who need increased blood flow in the legs as a result of conditions like diabetes.