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      TEXT FOR SUPER PRICING: (413)200-4191 Please select different sizes below. The ones pictures on the Van is an 8' Ramp.The Suitcase Singlefold Ramp is designed for people who need immediate access, no matter where they are. Made of lightweight aluminum with an easy-to-carry design, the Suitcase Singlefold Ramp is fitted with ergonomically-designed handles and a non-protruding hinge that allows you to carry it anywhere. The ramp is available in 2’ to 8’ lengths and features an extruded slip-resistant tread. Browse through the tabs below to learn more about the Suitcase Singlefold Ramp.

Welcome to our site, the one-stop solution for all your accessibility needs! Our flagship product, the EZ Access Suitcase Ramp, is a game-changer in making your environment more navigable and inclusive.

The EZ Access Suitcase Ramp is a reliable and practical solution that has revolutionized the way individuals with mobility limitations access different areas. It's portable, versatile, and designed with the user's ease in mind.

1. **Portability:** Our suitcase ramp is light yet sturdy. It folds up easily into a compact, suitcase-style shape with a handle for easy transportation. Whether you're venturing to a new location or simply moving around your home, our ramp can accompany you with minimal hassle.

2. **Versatility:** The EZ Access Suitcase Ramp is designed to adapt to various heights and surfaces. Whether it's a few stairs at the entrance of a building, or a raised threshold at home, our ramp ensures a smooth transition.

3. **Strength and Safety:** Despite its lightweight nature, the ramp doesn't compromise on strength. Crafted from high-quality materials, it can support substantial weight. Additionally, it features a non-slip surface for added safety, allowing users to move with confidence.

4. **Ease of Use:** Setting up our EZ Access Suitcase Ramp is a breeze. It requires no complicated instructions or tools, making it perfect for all ages and abilities.

5. **Independence and Freedom:** The main benefit of our ramp is the independence and freedom it offers users. By removing accessibility barriers, it enables individuals to move freely and confidently in their surroundings.

With our EZ Access Suitcase Ramp, you can forget about accessibility worries and focus on what really matters - living your life to the fullest. Navigate your world with ease, comfort, and safety, with the EZ Access Suitcase Ramp.


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