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Custom Stairlifts with Curves

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  • Harmar CSL500 Curved Custom Stairlift 350lbs Capacity with 10 Year Warranty.

    Harmar Harmar CSL500 Curved Custom Stairlift 350lbs Capacity with 10 Year Warranty

      TEXT FOR SUPER PRICING: (413)200-4191 Click Here To Learn More   Click Here For Brochure Click Here For Look Book Tips For Buying A Stairlift   The price includes Delivery, Installation, Footit Service Warranty, & Harmar Warranty! The price quoted is for a one turn application. We can give you a Free Assessment and quote you if needed.  The Helix Curved Stair Lift offers a narrow profile that mounts closer to the wall, with tighter bends. The ride is ultra smooth--and whisper quiet!   Every Helix CSL500 is engineered and built to order. Each custom stairlift is unique to the home and stairway it is installed to. This custom design allows the Helix stairlift to have a smaller footprint, quicker install, and outstanding performance.   The build and delivery methods also allow installers to work more quickly and efficiently when they arrive at your home. The lift can be installed with minimal disruptions to you.   Perfect for a stairway with a 90-degree turn, 180-degree turn, or even a spiral staircase. The Helix can even be built to accomodate multi-story applications.   An ergonomically-designed seat features swivel seat and "flip-up"" arms to make entry and exit easier.   Custom color and fabric options are available to help make the Helix Curved Stair Lift a tasteful addition to any home.   Drive SystemRack & Pinion Gear Maximum Weight Capacity350 lbs. ((159 kg.) Track (rail) TypeSteel, Powder Coated Travel20' standard; 164' Maximum Average Number of Return Trips per Charge10 Lift Mounts to Step or WallSteps Minimum Folded Width16" Speed20 ft. / min. Electrical Requirements120V - 220V AC Operation Power24V DC Battery Safety DevicesSafety Edges; Emergency Stop

  • Bruno CRE-2110 Indoor Elite Curved Stairlift Custom Manufactured USA.

    Bruno Bruno CRE-2110 Indoor Elite Curved Stairlift Custom Manufactured USA

    TEXT FOR SUPER PRICING: (413)200-4191 Elite Curved Stair Lift CLICK HERE FOR BROCHURE   400 Lb Lift Capacity (190 Kg) | 5-Year Limited Warranty   Enjoy the top-selling curved stair lift in North America.  With an artfully, handcrafted rail made specifically for your stairs, Bruno’s Elite Curve flows gracefully into every angle and delivers an unmatched smooth ride. With Bruno's signature stair lift, the quality and comfort are second to none. Add power options to further customize your Elite curved chair lift to fit your lifestyle.Receive a free consultation from USA Medical Supply. Find out why Bruno receives great stairlift reviews and high customer ratings!   Elite Curved Stair Lift | FAQ What Makes Bruno’s Curved Stairlift The Best? Bruno’s curved stairlifts are the best-selling curved stairlifts in North America. Our handmade rail ensures a precise rail fit that gracefully flows into every curve of a staircase. The high-performance Elite Curve combines luxury-quality comfort and a 400-lb lift capacity. Why Is Bruno’s Handmade Custom Curved Rail Superior? Because Bruno is the only stairlift manufacturer who handcrafts their curved rail, the fit is unsurpassed. Unlike modular or machined rails, Bruno’s handcrafted rails blend so perfectly with the curves of your staircase, they have an art-like quality. A handmade rail also results in fewer joints, facilitating an extremely smooth ride from start to finish. How Much Does A Bruno Curved Stairlift Cost? Prices for quality curved stairlift start at approximately $9,500 and vary depending on the number of angles, the overall length and any additional desired options. A local factory-trained Bruno dealer can give an exact quote based on your stairs and needs. What Are Common Bruno Indoor Curved Stairlift Options? Since our curved rails are handmade, it is possible to have unique optional configurations that extend the rail farther away from the top or bottom landing. This allows a user to exit farther away from the steps and keeps the stairlift out of sight. In addition, some people find the optional extra-large seat or footrest more comfortable for their body type. A power foldeing footrest is often added for those who have trouble leaning over due to back problems. What Is The Warranty On A Bruno Curved Stairlift? Bruno’s indoor curved stairlifts include a comprehensive 5-Year Limited Warranty: 5-year warranty for major components – motor, gearbox and rail – as long as the original purchaser owns the Bruno stairlift. It also includes a 2-year warranty on all components after the date of installation by an authorized Bruno dealer and 30-days labor coverage after the date of installation by an authorized Bruno dealer for any manufacturing defect. How Is The Bruno Elite Curved Stairlift Powered? Bruno’s Elite Curved stairlifts are powered by two 12v batteries that charge when the chair is parked at the top of the bottom of the rail. Because the unit is usually fully powered, it will provide multiple trips even if the electricity goes out. If you have a split-level home, consider a mid-rail park position option that allows you to exit the chair in the middle of the staircase and allows the stairlift to also charge in the “mid park” position.

  • Premium ACCESS BDD CURVED Stairlift with Lifetime Warranty!.

    Access BDD Premium ACCESS BDD CURVED Stairlift with Lifetime Warranty!

    TEXT FOR SUPER PRICING: (413)200-4191 Our Only Stairlift Category With Lifetime ON ALL PARTS!!!!   The ACCESS BDD Flow X Curved Stairlift is a high-quality, reliable mobility aid designed to assist individuals with limited mobility or disabilities to navigate staircases easily and safely. This product has been engineered with cutting-edge technology and a sleek design to provide comfort, convenience, and accessibility to its users. The Flow X is a custom-made stairlift that is specifically designed to fit the curves, turns, and angles of a user's unique staircase. It is a versatile device that can be installed on any type of staircase, whether it is curved or straight, narrow or wide, or even if it has multiple landings. The Flow X can be installed on either the inside or the outside of the staircase, depending on the user's preference. The Flow X is equipped with a slimline aluminum rail that is discreet and unobtrusive. The rail is fixed to the stairs, not the wall, which means that no major modifications need to be made to the user's home. The rail is also available in a range of colors, so it can be tailored to match the user's home decor. The Flow X is operated by a handheld remote control that can be used to call and send the stairlift up and down the stairs. The remote control is simple to use and ergonomically designed, with large, easy-to-read buttons. The user can control the speed of the Flow X with the remote control, allowing them to adjust the speed to their comfort level. The Flow X also features a swivel seat that rotates at the top and bottom of the staircase, making it easy for the user to get on and off the stairlift. The seat is padded and comfortable, with a supportive backrest and armrests. The seat is also available in a range of colors and fabrics, so it can be customized to suit the user's tastes and preferences. The Flow X is also equipped with a range of safety features to ensure that the user is always safe and secure while using the stairlift. The stairlift has sensors that detect any obstacles on the stairs and automatically stop the lift if an obstacle is detected. The Flow X also has a safety belt that can be fastened around the user's waist, providing an extra layer of security. Additionally, the Flow X is equipped with a battery backup system, so it can still be used in the event of a power outage. Installation of the Flow X is simple and straightforward. A team of trained professionals will visit the user's home to take accurate measurements of their staircase and to discuss any specific requirements or concerns. The team will then custom-build the Flow X to the exact specifications of the user's staircase and install it quickly and efficiently. In summary, the ACCESS BDD Flow X Curved Stairlift is a state-of-the-art mobility aid that is custom-built to fit the unique curves and angles of any staircase. It is operated by a handheld remote control, features a comfortable swivel seat, and is equipped with a range of safety features. It is also easy to install and can be customized to suit the user's individual needs and preferences. With the Flow X, individuals with limited mobility or disabilities can enjoy increased independence, accessibility, and mobility in their own homes. A PremiumStairlift FlowX Designed for seamless movement, the Flow X stairlift provides outstanding levels of comfort, confidence and craftsmanship.   Our customers highly recommend the Flow X stairlift:“Flow X carries me smoothly up and down the stairs and has taken a lot of hassle out of my life. It looks lovely in my home too. I would certainly recommend it!”   A complete stairlift The Flow X stairlift is designed to fit on narrow staircases, whether they are straight or curved. Fitted to your staircase and not your wall, the Flow X stairlift is installed quickly and efficiently, with minimum disruption to your home and blending into your home seamlessly. If you’re looking for curved stair lifts, then the Flow X is for you. Choose between a range of fabrics including vinyl, fabric and leather. Contact us for more information about the Flow X. Stairlift Seat Ergonomically designed, the chair has a large backrest and seat area. A five-degree seat recline promotes a natural and healthy posture to meet your comfort needs. Feel Confident Designed and tested to the highest standards (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-40), to give full confidence as you move around your home.The Flow X has manufactured innovative armrests which provide several key benefits. They have an ergonomically-tapered form, designed to give you extra support both when standing and sitting. The Flow X stairlift also provides a unique open-access armrest position, making transferring to a stairlift even easier. Craftsmanship The Flow X stairlift is our most complete curved stairlift. It has been designed to blend innovation with an inspiring contemporary design by Pearson Lloyd.When you choose the craftsmanship of Flow X, you ensure a superior fit for you and your home. You receive a sleek, contemporary lift with options tailored to you, with all mechanical elements elegantly kept out of sight. Advanced Swivel &Levelling Technology Our unique ASL technology enables the Flow X stairlift to rotate and stay perfectly level while in motion. By rotating during travel, you’re always in the safest and most comfortable position.Using a stairlift has never been easier, the seat and footrest are linked for easy use. As you are folding up the seat, the footrest will automatically fold up too. The footrest has been designed to pre-adjust in 5 positions and has an anti-slip surface.Stay in total control when you are using the Flow X stairlift, with dual-status lights on the armrest to remain visible when you are travelling in a certain direction. The stairlift is also manufactured with patented angular armrest detection which means the stairlift will not move until the armrests are in the correct position.ASL technology provides you with utmost comfort and safety, whilst thinking of your well-being at the same time. This stairlift is designed to allow the footrest to swivel with the seat, ensuring that your legs and feet remain in a natural and comfortable position, relieving any additional strain on your joints.   Specification Speed Max 0.15 m/s Drive Type Rack and pinion Motor Wattage 350 W – Drive Motor350 W – Drive Horizontal Motor Weight Capacity 125 kg Batteries 2 x 12 V batteries; total 24V Operation Joystick control as standard Staircase Incline Up to 70° Certification Machine Directive 2006/42/EC BS EN 81-40 Machine Directive 2006/42/EC BS EN 81-40 Yes Footrest Yes Retractable Safety Belt Yes Lifetime Warranty is for Parts! (A service once a year is required by the manufacturer for the Lifetime Warranty to be valid)

Welcome to USA Medical Supply Custom Stairlifts your trusted destination for bespoke home mobility solutions. Our standout product, the custom stairlift, is uniquely designed to fit your home perfectly, providing you with an unmatched level of comfort, safety, and independence.

**Custom Stairlifts: Tailored to Your Needs**

Unlike standard stairlifts, our custom stairlifts are crafted to adapt to your home's specific characteristics. Regardless of the complexity, curves, turns, or the number of stairs, our custom solutions ensure seamless accessibility for every unique staircase.

**Unparalleled Benefits of Our Custom Stairlifts**

1. **Perfect Fit:** Our custom stairlifts are designed with your home in mind. Each stairlift is meticulously planned and built to fit your staircase's exact dimensions, ensuring a snug and secure installation.

2. **Versatility:** No matter how unusual or intricate your staircase, our custom stairlifts can accommodate all designs. Whether your staircase is straight, curved, spiral, or outdoors, we can craft a solution to fit.

3. **Optimal Safety:** Because they are tailored to your staircase, our custom stairlifts offer superior safety. Each installation comes equipped with safety sensors, comfortable seating, secure seatbelts, and easy-to-use controls, guaranteeing a safe ride every time.

4. **Aesthetics:** With our custom stairlifts, you don't need to sacrifice style for functionality. We offer a variety of colors, materials, and finishes to ensure your stairlift not only fits your staircase but also matches your home decor seamlessly.

5. **Independence and Comfort:** By eliminating the difficulty of stair navigation, our custom stairlifts provide users with the freedom to move around their home with ease and confidence, promoting a higher quality of life.

6. **Professional Installation:** Our team of experts handle the installation process with utmost care, ensuring a perfect fit and operational success. Our service doesn't stop at installation - we offer excellent after-sales support and maintenance to keep your stairlift running smoothly.

Experience the difference that a tailor-made solution can make. With our custom stairlifts, accessibility has never been more seamless, safe, or stylish. Rediscover your home and embrace the independence that comes with our custom mobility solutions.


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