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Patient Lifts

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  • Manual Patient Hoyer Lift.

    Manual Patient Hoyer Lift

    Medline Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift, 6-Point Cradle, Sling Included   Elevating hydraulic lift for patient transportation Base opens with an easy hand lever 6-point cradle type Sling included in the box with hydraulic lift Included sling is MDS88200DSL, a reusable full body sling   CAN LIFT FROM FLOOR Yes HEIGHT INCHES 73 " INSIDE WIDTH OF BASE-CLOSED 23 INSIDE WIDTH OF BASE-OPEN 28.5 LATEX FREE Yes LENGTH INCHES 42 " OUTSIDE WIDTH OF BASE-CLOSED 26 OUTSIDE WIDTH OF BASE-OPEN 31.5 OVERALL HEIGHT OF BASE 5.5 PRODUCT TYPE Patient Lift PRODUCT WEIGHT (LB) 85 lb UNSPSC 42192301 42192300 WARRANTY Yes WEIGHT CAPACITY POUNDS 400 lb

  • Electric Patient Hoyer Lift.

    USA Medical Supply Electric Patient Hoyer Lift

    A patient lift is a medical device that is designed to assist in the transfer of patients who have limited mobility or are unable to move on their own. Here are some of the benefits of using a patient lift: Safety: Patient lifts provide a safe and secure method of transferring patients, reducing the risk of injury to both the patient and caregiver. They eliminate the need for manual lifting, which can put strain on the back and other parts of the body. Improved mobility: Patient lifts allow patients to be moved from one place to another with ease, making it easier for them to get out of bed, move to a wheelchair, or use the bathroom. Increased independence: Patients who are able to use a patient lift are more likely to be able to perform tasks independently, improving their overall quality of life. Comfort: Patient lifts are designed to provide comfort to the patient during transfers, reducing the risk of pain or discomfort. Reduced risk of infection: Patient lifts help to reduce the risk of infection by eliminating the need for physical contact between the caregiver and the patient. Overall, patient lifts are an essential tool for caregivers who work with patients who have limited mobility. They provide a safe, comfortable, and efficient way to transfer patients, improving their quality of life and reducing the risk of injury or infection. Medline Electric Patient Lifts Electric Patient Lift, 400 lb. Capacity   Powered total lift with manual base is designed for dependent patients, lifting them from the floor to make transfers easier Six-point cradle for maximum flexibility and safety Easy operation with foot pedal to spread base legs Other features include LCD battery display that shows remaining charge and emergency manual lowering Optional off-board battery charger (sold separately) Packaging 1 Each / Each Manufacturer Medline Manufacturer # MDS400ELB   Specifications CAN LIFT FROM FLOOR Yes INSIDE WIDTH OF BASE-CLOSED 26.9 INSIDE WIDTH OF BASE-OPEN 38.5 LATEX FREE Yes LENGTH INCHES 47.6 " OVERALL HEIGHT OF BASE 4.9 UNSPSC 42192301 WEIGHT CAPACITY POUNDS 400 lb  

Patient lifts are assistive devices designed to safely transfer and move individuals who have mobility limitations or who are unable to move on their own. They come in different types, including manual and powered lifts, and are commonly used in hospitals, nursing homes, and home care settings. Some of the benefits of patient lifts include:

  1. Enhanced safety: Patient lifts reduce the risk of falls and injuries associated with manual lifting and transferring patients. They provide a secure and stable platform for patients during transfers, which helps prevent accidents and injuries to both patients and caregivers.

  2. Improved patient comfort: Patient lifts allow for smoother and gentler transfers, which can reduce patient discomfort and pain during the moving process. The lifts also provide support and stability, which helps prevent pressure sores and other skin-related issues.

  3. Reduced caregiver strain: Patient lifts significantly reduce the physical strain and effort required by caregivers to move and transfer patients. This reduces the risk of caregiver injuries, such as back strains, that can result from manual lifting.

  4. Increased mobility: Patient lifts enable patients to move around more freely and participate in daily activities, improving their overall mobility and quality of life. This can also improve their mental health and well-being.

  5. Customizable options: Patient lifts come with different attachments and accessories that can be customized to fit the patient's specific needs. This makes it easier to accommodate patients with different body types, injuries, or disabilities.

In summary, patient lifts provide a safe, comfortable, and efficient means of transferring and moving patients, reducing the risk of injury to both patients and caregivers. They also improve patient comfort and mobility, which can have significant positive impacts on their overall health and well-being.


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