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  • CPAPMax CPAP Bed Pillow 2.0.

    CPAPMax CPAP Bed Pillow 2.0

    Struggling each night with CPAP compliance? Is mask shifting during the night causing leaks and loud noises that wake you up from your sleep? The CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 allows you to sleep comfortably and in compliance with its unique features made especially for nightly PAP Therapy users. This CPAP pillow works with any mask type or brand for improved nighttime comfort and compliance. If You Use A PAP Machine, You Need This Pillow. Here's Why: Exclusively Designed For PAP Machine Users! Reduces Mask Shifting And Interference! Helps Stop Air Leak Noises Which Awaken You! Minimizes Pressure on Face Provides Better Head, Neck and Shoulder Comfort! Removable Layer To Adjust Pillow Thickness!

  • Kabooti Seat Cushion Replacement Cover.

    Kabooti Seat Cushion Replacement Cover

    You asked for it, and we listened! Now purchase replacement covers for your Kabooti Comfort Seat!

  • Kabooti Waterproof Seat Cushion Cover.

    Kabooti Waterproof Seat Cushion Cover

    Now Available! The Kabooti Waterproof Cover is a water resistant fabric designed to help protect your Kabooti! Fits the Contour Kabooti Seat Cushion & Kabooti Ice models Protects Your Kabooti against perspiration, spills, incontinence and more! Easy to clean durable fabric allows you to easily wipe spills away Designed to fit the Kabooti Seats unique shape Cover is Navy Blue color

  • Flip Pillow Case.

    Flip Pillow Case

    Protect your Flip Pillow™ with a custom pillow case! This soft and durable pillow case form fits to your Flip Pillow™, without restricting movement of the pillow at all! Easily removes and is machine washable. Available in Standard or King size!

  • Cool Leg Replacement Pillow Cover.
  • Contour CPAP Pillow 2.0.

    Contour CPAP Pillow 2.0

    Reduces Mask Shifting & Interference Helps Stop Mask Air Leaks Which Awaken You Prevents Dry Eyes, Mouth & Nose Reduces Mask Lines on Your Face and Redness Provides Orthopedic Alignment for Improved Airflow Works With All Major Mask Brands & Styles CPAP Pillows accommodate side, back or stomach sleepers FREE Shipping + 2 Year Warranty + 45 Day Comfort Guarantee!

  • Kabooti 3-in-1 Donut Seat Cushion.

    Kabooti 3-in-1 Donut Seat Cushion

    The 3-in-1 Kabooti® donut seat cushion is a revolutionary donut pillow that provides comfort and support no matter where you sit. Whether you are looking for a medical cushion for relief from issues such as hemorrhoids, tailbone injuries, post-surgery recovery or to alleviate the pressure or other seating discomforts from long hours in the office or car, the Kabooti® Seat Cushion provides relief all day long. The donut cushion design, generous coccyx cutout and seating wedge shape, the Kabooti® is an ergonomic solution with orthopedic relief! The Kabooti® 3-in-1 Seat is perfect for those looking for relief from: Hemorrhoids, Piles or Other Bottom Pressure Sensitivity Lower Back Pain or Lumbar Discomfort Pregnancy Relief or Post-Natal Recovery Sore Tailbone or Coccyx Pain Due To Injury Perineal Wounds Post-Surgery Recovery General Seating Discomfort Plus Much More! With its removable, washable 2 way stretch cover, the Kabooti® whether you are using it as a donut cushion, tailbone cushion or as a seating wedge, no one ever knows you are sitting on anything other than a standard seat cushion! The Donut Seat That Makes Other Donut Pillows Obsolete! It’s a fact that 3 out of every 4 people will experience hemorrhoids or some other type of seating pain or discomfort in their life. Foam ring cushions have been the doctor recommended answer to seating relief. Unfortunately, with traditional foam ring cushions, sitting has continued to be a pain in the butt (literally)! The tradition hemorrhoid seat cushion continues to put pressure on the tailbone, instability, discomfort for males because of the design and even embarrassment from the donut pillow design. The Kabooti Seat Cushion is an innovative 3 cushions in 1 solution to comfort your sore and sensitive areas no matter where you site. The Kabooti is an ergonomic seat cushion that combines the best features of a ring shaped donut pillow, a tailbone cushion and a traditional seating wedge and combines them into 1. Our Kabooti is has a completely reinvented ergonomic design to provide you comfort and support all day long, no matter where you are. Why the Kabooti Is the Best Donut Seat in the House With so many seating cushions available, and each focusing on one specific pain point, the Kabooti features the best of all worlds in providing a comfortable seating solution for those who sit long term in pain without comfort & relief. The Kabooti seat’s 8 unique, orthopedic features provides all day relief no matter if you are sitting at your desk, in your car or truck, or even at the stadium for the big game! Advantages of the Kabooti Seat Cushion Sculpted Surface – Contours to your unique body shape and even distributes your body weight to alleviate pressure points while sitting Larger Center Opening - Provides comfort and relief for those struggling with hemorrhoids, recent surgeries or other sore bottom pressures Innovative Stability Lobes – As humans we don’t sit still when we are sitting (for the most part), these lobes improve our seating balance and ensures we stay in a proper seating position – improved balance over tradition ring shaped donuts. Tapered Front Edge – Reduces the pressure on your thighs from sitting Male/Female Recess – To provide a pressure free area for your specific anatomy providing added comfort for your seat Ergonomic Wedge Shape Cushion – Promotes better seating posture which helps reduce pain points in your lower back. Generous Coccyx Cutout – Reduces tailbone pressure for coccyx injuries and prolonged seating relief. Machine Washable 2-Way Stretch Cover – Easily removable, and washable. The cover features a handle sewn into it to make it easier to travel with. Also makes your cushion discreet, only you know you are sitting on a donut! 3-IN-1 DESIGN PROVIDES YOU WITH PRESSURE FREE SITTING TO HELP ALLEVIATE SEATING DISCOMFORTS Kabooti Donut Seat – The donut feature of the Contour Products Kabooti seating cushion provides a large center cutout to help alleviate pressure for sore sensitive bottom areas. This provides a pressure free zone while you sit, giving you a comfortable seating solution for those suffering from: Hemorrhoids or Piles Post-Natal Recovery Post-Surgery Recovery Perineal Wounds Testicular Pain Kabooti Coccyx Cushion – The Kabooti features a large cutout for your tailbone area which prevents compression of your coccyx and lower back. By reducing pressure in that area with the support the Kabooti offers, you now have the ability to sit long hours in your car, desk or other seating surface without pain. Perfect for those suffering from: Tailbone pain Coccyx injuries Kabooti Comfort Seat Wedge – The tapered design of the Kabooti makes it an effective seating wedge. The Kabooti slightly tilts your pelvic region forward, which promotes proper seating posture. With your thighs at a slight angle, it reduces pressure points in your lower back and helps prevent pressure in your lower back, making the Kabooti a perfect solution for those experiencing: Lower back pain Sciatica Hip/Pelvis Discomfort Thigh/Leg Pressure or Numbness Due to Sitting for Long Periods of Time

  • Kabooti Ice Hemorrhoid Relief Cushion.

    Kabooti Ice Hemorrhoid Relief Cushion

    The Kabooti Ice is the first donut seat cushion with a removable ice pack for cooling relief wherever you sit! We know seating discomfort isn’t the most talked about topic of discussion or something you even want to ask someone about. The Kabooti Ice donut cushion for hemorrhoids (and other medical conditions such as post-partum pregnancy discomfort, perennial wounds, post-surgical pain) is made to provide you all day relief without anyone ever knowing! Seating Relief For: Hemorrhoid or Piles Discomfort Post-Surgery Recovery Lower Back Pain Post-Partum Pregnancy Discomfort Perineal Wounds Testicular Pain Plus Much More!   THERAPEUTIC DONUT SEAT CUSHION NOW PROVIDES COOLING RELIEF! The Kabooti Donut Seat Cushion has revolutionized medical seating donut cushions for various medical conditions to provide relief while sitting including lower back pain relief, leg pain relief, hemorrhoids or piles, soothe sciatica nerve pain while sitting, tailbone and coccyx pain relief plus much more! The Kabooti Ice Donut Seat Cushion however, takes your comfort and relief one step further by introducing a reusable, removable gel ice pack that fits in the large center cutout of the donut cushion. The sleek design of the Kabooti Donut Cover keeps your cushion discreet, so no one ever sees you sitting on a donut, or using a gel pack which makes this donut cushion the perfect cushion not only for at home, but in the office or while traveling! So while you get all the benefits of the traditional donut cushion, the Kabooti Ice Donut pillow provides therapeutic comfort and relief by the natural soothing power of ice to help relieve pain and swelling that is cause by various conditions such as: Hemorrhoids Post-Surgery Recovery Post-Partum Pregnancy Discomfort Perineal Wounds Testicular Pain Low Back Pain Plus Much More!   WHY THE KABOOTI IS THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE The Kabooti is an ergonomic foam ring donut cushion that features an exclusive orthopedic design to help improve your posture while you sit, spinal alignment and help provide relief for many seating discomforts. The 3 in 1 design makes the Kabooti the only seat cushion you will ever need as it combines the best features of a ring shaped donut cushion, coccyx seat cushion and traditional seating wedge all in one! Our donut seat has completely re-invented ergonomic design you won’t find anywhere else. So if you are looking for a donut cushion for hemorrhoid relief, a coccyx cushion for tailbone relief, or a superior seating cushion that provides improved support and comfort all day long, the Kabooti is the perfect choice! The Kabooti Donut Seat is also available without a gel pack and or check out the Kabooti Wide for a larger booty! ADVANTAGES OF THE KABOOTI DONUT RING CUSHION 3-in-1 Cushion - Combines the benefits of a donut cushion, coccyx cutout and ergonomic wedge design to provide all day comfort and support with one cushion. Discreet Cover – The cover is a breathable double mesh knit fabric which is machine washable, which makes your donut discreet. No one has to know what you are sitting on which makes this the perfect foam donut cushion! (Replacement Kabooti Covers Available in Black, Blue, Gray or Camo) Reusable Ice Pack – Removable ice pack allows provides soothing comfort to ice away discomfort wherever you sit. ( Add a Second Kabooti Ice Gel Pack to always keep one cold) Reduces Tailbone Pressure – Extended Coccyx Cutout reduces tailbone pressure while sitting to provide comfort and relief for your coccyx region. Provides complete comfort for sore areas and promotes air flow so the users is cool and comfortable. Tapered Wedge Cushion Design – Reduces pressure points underneath the thighs improving circulation & distributes your weight evenly. Easily accommodating to use with tables or desks and driving. Ergonomic Sculpted Surface – Promotes proper seating posture by slightly tilting the pelvis forward in order to maintain the spine’s natural lumbar curve. Perfect for those who are looking to reduce lower back pain and increase pelvic support while sitting! Improved Seating Stability – Not typically featured in a standard foam ring cushion, the innovative stability lobes improve balance and helps to evenly distribute your weight proving less pressure on your bottom. KABOOTI DONUT SEAT CUSHION OVERVIEW

  • Kabooti Wide Donut Relief Seat Cushion.

    Kabooti Wide Donut Relief Seat Cushion

    New wider version of our popular Kabooti Seat Cushion. it's 20" wide, for when you need a little more room. All of the same features of our Kabooti cushion: donut hole, coccyx relief and ergonomic design.   Our New Wider Donut and Coccyx Seat Cushion Let's face it, not all behinds are the same size.   That's why we created a wider version of our Kabooti Seat Cushion - it's 18% larger than the best selling original version.   It comes with a donut recess, a generous coccyx cut-out for tailbone pain relief is is ergonomically designed to provide all day comfort.   To see our complete line of Kabooti cushions - please visit our main Kabooti page.  We offer the Kabooti in a standar 17" width, a lrger 20" width, and with a therapeutic ice pack insert for relief of sensitive areas.    Use it anywhere you sit (office, home, car) for the most comfortable cushion you can buy.  It comes in 4 colors and is discreet, so only you will know the special design features.  

  • Kabooti Ice Gel Insert.

    Kabooti Ice Gel Insert

    Convert any Kabooti Seat Cushion into a complete 3-in-1 Seating solution with the Kabooti Ice Gel Insert. Includes a reusable ice pack to provide cooling relief for sensitive areas. This allows you to transform your Kabooti donut seat cushion into cushion for discrete ice therapy. Includes 2 Ice Packs with Foam Insert Reusable Ice Pack Provides Cooling Relief Designed to fit all Kabooti models Kabooti Ice Removable Gel Pack Buy the Kabooti® ICE Removable Gel Pack to add cooling relief to any Kabooti® Seat Cushion!  This adds a new dimension to the best features and benefits of a ring shaped donut cushion, coccyx cushion and a traditional seating wedge.  Suitible for therapeutic relief from hemorrhoids, post-partum discomfort, perneal wounds and especially after surgery in sensitive areas.   The custom ice pack cools quickly in the refrigerator or freezer and is easily added to the center of the Kabooti foam cushion.   Use it when needed and remove when not in use.   The ice pack and all of the features of the Kabooti are covered by a stylish cover, so only you will know your using it!   

  • Folding Bed Wedge Cushion.

    Folding Bed Wedge Cushion

    If you are struggling with digestive or respiratory issues and discomfort - the Contour Folding Bed Wedge is the perfect bed wedge pillow solution for you! The support foam wedge allows your body to lay on a gradual incline while supporting your head, chest & lower back comfortably. Also available in an extended length, this wedge pillow is one of the most beneficial positioning wedges available for single users. Benefits of the Folding Bed Wedge Elevates your body to help control digestive symptoms related to reflux, GERD or heartburn Promotes proper airflow for easier breathing & eases sinus pressure Supports your spine to help soothe muscle tension Folds for Convenient Storage (right under most beds!) Includes soft, velour zippered cover

  • Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Pillow.

    Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Pillow

    Best Seller! The Contour Legacy Leg Pillow is perfect for those looking for relief from back pain, hip pain, leg pain or even knee pain. While we did create the 1st Leg pillow loved by so many - we made design improvements to make sure you stay comfortable and properly aligned all night long. Orthopedic design contours to your body and cushions both thighs & knees Natural alignment stabilizes pelvis & lower back Tapered edges give your knees full range of mobility to allow you to move throughout the night Helps alleviate pain points in back, hips & knees for all night comfort Use 2 leg pillows for full leg comfort & support

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