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Innospire Go Portable Mesh Nebulizer Battery Operated Rechargeable

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Innospire Go Portable Mesh Nebulizer by Philips Respironics

  • Delivers medication in 4 minutes**
  • Provides efficient medication delivery - high-quality aerosol is delivered faster and less medication is wasted***
  • Easy to use two part construction
  • InnoSpire Go features clinically proven Aerogen Vibronic® vibrating mesh technology used in hospitals worldwide
  • Rechargeable battery delivers up to 30 treatments (120 minutes of use) per charge
  • Designed for both adults and children
  • Can be used with or without a LiteTouch mask


The InnoSpire Go portable mesh nebulizer is fast, effective and easy to use. It is designed to shorten treatment time, giving you or your child more time for those special moments with family and friends.


Treatment in 4 minutes**

InnoSpire Go provides efficient medication delivery. High-quality aerosol is delivered faster and less medication is wasted***


Easy 2 Part Construction 

Cleaning and maintenance is fast and simple with just two easily detachable parts. Simply remove the mouthpiece to wash and click back into the base when dry. InnoSpire Go features Aerogen’s Vibronic mesh technology, used in hospitals worldwide.  The mesh vibrates, drawing the medicine through approximately 1,000 precision- formed microscopic holes, creating a fine aerosol mist. Medication reaches deep into your lungs, where it’s most needed and most effective.

30 Treatments Per Charge

The rechargeable battery provides up to 30 treatments (120 minutes of use) between each charge.

Delivery of medication anywhere

A small, portable and discreet nebulizer that can be used anywhere, so you or your child can enjoy the daily activities of life, wherever you are.


For commonly prescribed medications 

InnoSpire Go is designed for use with commonly prescribed aerosol medications for respiratory diseases.