Small Pads Refill Kit

Small Pads Refill Kit

USA Medical Supply

$29.95 $34.95

Fits ET-1313, ET-7070 & ET-8080

Small Pads Refill Kit


Constructed with iReliev® premium hydrogel, made in the USA – a proven gel with uncompromising adhesion, performance, and longevity. Multi-layer adhesive provides optimal bonding to the skin. Fits# ET-8080, ET-7070, and ET-1313 wired models. Lead wires not included

High quality pads that stick to your skin.

iReliev® Premium Electrode Pads were made with you in mind. Made in the USA to ensure the highest quality you can have, our pads are reusable and self-adhering, providing easy application and repositioning. Offering you superior design, durability, and performance with exceptional value, your pain doesn’t stand a chance.

What’s in our pads?

Our Electrode Pads make it easy to place on your areas of pain. With a flexible fabric layer, our pads are able to fit perfectly on the contours of your body, making your relief easier to achieve than ever.